A Guide To The Different Types Of Tiles

There is a large range of tile products on the market now and many have different uses and applications. Some of the popular makes of tiles high wycombe are:

  • Ceramic can be glazed at two different firing temperatures to make them suitable for use on flooring, as they are hardwearing and stain resistant.
  • Porcelain tiles are another hardwearing product that can also be used for flooring. They are strong and often have an unglazed finish but can also be purchased with a various glaze finish.
  • Mosaic tiles are a small square tile and are popular as a decorative art type tile. They come in many colours and are often laid out as many tiles attached to a larger square backing.
  • Glass tiles are another decorative type. These come as many small tiles similar to the mosaic but are made from glass that can be reflective.
  • Pencil and finger tiles are similar also to the mosaic except they are designed in long thin strips and are suitable for using the same as the mosaic.
  • Another long and narrow tile is the decorative Listellos tile also known as the border tile. As the name suggests it is used as a border.
  • Metal tiles are generally made entirely of metal, however there are variations. They are not as common as some of the other varieties and are more prone to wearing over time. They do however stand out and create a visual effect.
  • Rectified tiles are a tile that has been re cut after firing and have a perfect shape and size. This tile can be laid much closer and grout joints are smaller.
  • Tumbled tiles are tiles specially treated to give them an aged look.
  • Terracotta tiles are a variety of ceramic tile used in outdoor situations.

These are just some of the tiles that are available. Tiles also have a number of finishes from the glazed, polished, hones, lappato, scored, sealed, textured and structured. Tile trims are also another product that are designed for application where a tiled surface connects with another surface. These can include capping, bullnose and cove. Tiles also come in natural material such as slate, sandstone, marble, granite, travertine and stone. So which type of tile are you going to choose

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